I'm Supper, and this is my web site. I originally started it just to hold whatever odds and ends I needed to upload somewhere, but it's ended up turning mostly into a way to publish video game fan translation projects I work on, with the occasional hack or walkthrough of a game no one's ever heard of thrown in on a whim. It's all pretty esoteric, but if you like obscure Japanese games from before the turn of the millennium or so, you're probably in the right place!

If the name "stargood" has any particular significance, I've yet to figure it out. いい星が欲しいよ


26 Jan 2024, 23:54

It's once again January 26th, a date of no significance save that it's the day I launched the site six years ago, and in keeping with tradition, I've moved news from the last year to an archive page. I'll be implementing that content management system aaaaany day now.

If anyone's actually keeping track of things, I'm sure you've noticed that I've been trending toward doing fewer but larger translation projects compared to earlier years. We "only" put out two projects this year, but they were both pretty substantial (and both Red Company games, by some strange coincidence). Personally, I find doing bigger projects more satisfying than a bunch of little ones, so I'll probably try to keep that up in the future if I can. (Sorry to anyone who wanted to see more of the likes of Sailor Moon for Game Gear or City Adventure Touch.) But as always, I've made very few plans, so we'll just have to see what actually happens.

I didn't come up with a funny screenshot or anything this year, so I guess I'll just have to say it myself: Thanks, everyone!