Chou Soujuu Mecha MG

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In a world where giant robots known as Marionation Gear, or "Puppets", are artisanally handcrafted in workshops, a certain boy serves as an apprentice at the Galouye Workshop, dreaming of becoming a "Puppeteer" (mecha pilot) and opening his own workshop with best friend and fellow apprentice Kay. But their peaceful daily life is shattered when the autonomous Puppets known as the Automen begin going on berserk rampages around the world. Together with new apprentice Anne-Marie, the hero and Kay are pulled into a conflict that could change the course of Puppet history...

Chou Soujuu Mecha MG is a 2006 mecha action game for the Nintendo DS developed by Sandlot, the studio behind the Earth Defense Force series, and published by Nintendo. It combines the developer's aptitude for larger-than-life spectacle with one of the most innovative and fun uses of the touch screen in the DS library: in addition to standard movement with the D-Pad, each of the game's 100+ playable mecha has its own unique "cockpit" controlled with the touch screen. Players can pull levers to swing their robot's arms and hurl buildings at the enemy, flip a switch to transform into a car, punch in launch codes to fire missiles, and countless other imaginative setups. It's quirky, it's gimmicky, and best of all, it's loads of fun.

This patch fully translates the game into English. See the readme included in the download for more information.

Thanks to Phantom putting in a whole lot of overtime, the lengthy tie-in manga created to promote the game's release has also been fully scanslated! Check it out!


  • Hacking
    • Supper
  • Translation, Additional Art, Manga Translation/Cleaning/Typesetting
  • Testing and Editing
    • cccmar

Old Versions

Versions prior to 1.0 are incomplete "essentials" patches by Supper only.