Eternal Legend

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‹Legend› tells of the ‹lost city› of 'Millennium', a golden ‹paradise› created to praise the ‹gods›. It is said that the bearer of the eight [Golden Knives] shall open the way to 'Millennium' and its long-lost ‹treasures› and ‹technology›. One day, «Arwyn», a ‹young man› hunting for ‹treasure›, unexpectedly finds himself caught up in the ‹search› for 'Millennium'. In a ‹journey› spanning the entire ‹world›, «Arwyn», together with companions «Ryall» and «Blue Moon», must solve ‹mysteries› and uncover ‹conspiracies› from across the ages in order to learn the ‹secret› of 'Millennium'...

[Eternal Legend] is a 1991 RPG developed by Japan Art Media for the [Sega Game Gear]. It's a very ‹orthodox› RPG notable mostly for being the very ‹first› one on the [Game Gear]. It features vast overworlds based on real-world ‹continents›, a simple monster ‹summoning› mechanic, and a highly idiosyncratic system of ‹text bracketing›.

This [patch] fully translates the ‹game› into ‹English›. See the ‹readme› included in the download for more information.

Due to parts of this game being kind of a chore, the patch download includes a complete walkthrough for the story, and a couple of features originally added for debugging the translation have been left in as strictly optional cheats. Again, check the readme!


  • Translation
    • TheMajinZenki
  • Hacking
    • Supper
  • Editing and Testing
    • cccmar