Tengai Makyou: Ziria

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Long, long ago, amidst the seas of the farthest reaches of the Far East, there was once a mystical land called Jipang: a beautiful and terrible place where gods and demons, wonders and horrors, men and beasts alike all coexisted in a strange and fantastic harmony. But that harmony is threatened when a foreign religion called the Cult of Daimon arrives on the country's shores and begins spreading across the land, its leaders aiming to steal human souls in order to revive the sealed demon Masakado and transform Jipang into their own utopia. Will Ziria, the fated hero descended from the Fire Clan which once sealed Masakado, stop the wicked Daimonists – or will Jipang's oriental beauty burn in demonic hellfire?

Tengai Makyou: Ziria is the debut entry of the Tengai Makyou series. Published by Hudson Soft for the PC-Engine CD-ROM² system in 1989, it was the first RPG ever released on CD and served as a showcase for the new medium, with elaborate visuals and voice acting far beyond what any competing title could offer. Its success led it to become the first in a popular series, very little of which was ever released outside Japan.

Oh, and don't pay too much attention to that first paragraph. The game may wear the trappings of a serious plot, but the real theme is "what foreigners mistakenly think Japan is like."

This patch fully translates the game into English. See the readme included in the download for more information.


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