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Yuna Kagurazaka was just your ordinary high school girl in the year 2299 – a bit carefree and more than a little absent-minded, but nothing special…until she won the Galaxy Fraulein Contest and rocketed to idol stardom! But when her fellow contestants begin disappearing one by one only to turn up wearing power armor and trying to kill her, she discovers her true destiny: she is the Savior of Light, protector of the galaxy, and must fight to keep the forces of darkness from conquering the universe! Can Yuna take down the evil Thirteen Frauleins of Darkness, or will hinging the fate of the cosmos on the whims of a flighty teenage girl prove a colossal mistake?…Possibly both.

Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna, officially translated as Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, is a 1992 adventure game (visual novel/digicomic) by Red Company and Will for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² system, and the first entry in the Galaxy Fraulein Yuna series. Originally inspired by a series of illustrations of Gundam mecha anthropomorphized as cute girls, the concept was reworked into an original video game property and eventually achieved considerable success amidst Japan's mid-to-late-'90s galge boom, becoming the basis for a string of games, several albums, multiple art CDs, and two OVA series – out of which only the OVAs ever saw release outside Japan.

This patch fully translates the game into English. It translates all text, subtitles the 60+ minutes of animated cutscenes, and adds full karaoke subtitling (transliteration and translation) to in-game songs. A translation of the instruction manual is also provided; it comes bundled with the download or can be read online (though be warned – it contains blatant spoilers!).

See the readme included in the download for more information.


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  • Testing
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