Yumimi Mix

Yumimi Mix is an adventure game developed by Game Arts. It's light on user interactivity, but very heavy on cutscenes; in fact, the whole game is just cutscenes interspersed with the occasional multiple choice prompt. It was initially released on the Mega CD and FM Towns, and later ported (as "Yumimi Mix Remix") to a number of other platforms, including Windows and the Sega Saturn.

I'm afraid there's not much hope of actually picking up a translator for this one, but all the groundwork has been laid. The original game has no subtitles for its hour or so(?) of dialogue; I wrote tools to take apart and reassemble the cutscenes, allowing subtitles to be overlaid. The tools were developed for the Mega CD version, but some tests with the Saturn version indicate that they'll probably work with the other versions too. In fact, those platforms are probably better choices for a translation, since limits on number of sprites and amount of free VRAM become less of an issue.

Tools and notes can be found on my Github page.