Layla: The Iris Missions

Patch download: Version 3 (2/2/17)
Status: Tested
Known issues: None
Notes: Apply to a headered ROM.

Chinelkov Manitokha once again threatens the galaxy with his army of mutant Chimairan. This time, it’s up to Iris to stop him! (Layla can come along too, I guess).

This is an in-depth hack of Layla, a Japan-only NES game you've probably never heard of. I got interested in the game after seeing it on Game Center CX, and somehow ended up making this. It features:

  • 8 completely new levels
  • A new, original soundtrack
  • A lot of tweaks to "modernize" the gameplay: checkpoints and hints, levels with a more comprehensible structure, infinite ammo for the weapons (once you find them) ...
  • Oh, and that new title screen, which is the only real change to the graphics. I'm not an artist.

See the readme for more details.