Lunar: The Silver Star

Patch download: Version 1 (2/24/17)
Status: Tested
Known issues: None
Notes: In addition to reverting the difficulty and graphics, I converted the game's text to use proper mixed case instead of all caps, and fixed as many spelling and grammar errors as I could find. I'm justifying this as a restoration, somewhat tenuously, on the grounds that the Japanese version uses full kanji and the US version is pretty much the opposite in terms of complexity.

Since the game's existing lower case font (yes, it already had one) looked kind of bad when combined with the capital letters, I also tweaked it a bit to look neater. Hopefully the text is a bit easier on the eyes now, though the script itself is no less vile.

As a bonus(?) for April Fools' Day 2017, I also made a "Worked Design" patch. It includes all the best features from this and other Working Designs games, including increased stats, higher item prices, and best of all, the crippled save system from Lunar: Eternal Blue! Also it crashes it you try to load from a checkpoint, because how was I supposed to know they unloaded the debug menu during battles? Check it out:

For detailed information on gameplay changes, see my writeup on TCRF.