Moldorian User Manual

Some time after we released our translation patch for Moldorian: Hikari to Yami no Sister, which included a text-only translation of the game manual, we were contacted by Novyal, a scanslator who offered to put together a proper English edition of the manual. We were totally blown away by the offer and happily leapt for it. Thanks to Novyal's hard work, and the high-resolution scans provided by the good folks at Sega Retro, we can now offer this gorgeous full-color English-language manual!

The translated images appear below, or you can download the whole thing as a PDF:

Bulk download of the entire manual in PDF format

Alternate "Japanese screenshots" PDF – This is an alternate version of the manual that leaves in the original Japanese screenshots so that the translated manual isn't tied directly to our patch. The content is otherwise identical.

You may also be interested in the original untranslated manual, available at Sega Retro.

Manual Translation Credits


Click on the images to view the full-size versions (and you should, because there's some really nice artwork here). If your browser window has room, facing pages will be displayed side-by-side, as they were intended to be viewed.