Madou Monogatari III User Manual

After doing such amazing work on the Moldorian manual, Novyal has pulled off another scanslation tour-de-force: single-handedly cleaning, editing, and typesetting the entire manual for Madou Monogatari III! I think I speak for everyone involved in our translation project when I say we were absolutely floored with the results. So, now you can enjoy another beautiful Japanese user manual in English, just as it was meant to be experienced! It's got everything, down to the Carbuncle plushie order forms and the Arle kigurumi!

Thanks again to Sega Retro for providing the original high-quality manual scans.

The translated images appear below, or you can download the whole thing as a PDF:

Bulk download of the entire manual in PDF format

You may also be interested in the original untranslated manual, available at Sega Retro.

Manual Translation Credits


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