Old News: 2021-2022

18 Dec 2021, 7:53

Thought I'd call it quits after the first game? Then you greatly overestimate my intelligence. New release: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2: The Eternal Princess!

4 Oct 2021, 22:02

After a solid half a year in development, LIPEMCO! Translations is pleased to present an English translation of Community Pom for the PlayStation! An intriguing mix of action RPG and simulation game, it's a little-known but expertly-crafted gem that's well worth a look. Enjoy!

Thanks to Xanathis taking the initiative of buying and scanning it, we've also created a partial translation of the game's official guidebook, including lots of blatantly wrong very helpful game info plus juicy development tidbits and concept art! Only cost 8 bucks... plus exorbitant shipping from Japan, of course. Anyway, check it out!

1 Sep 2021, 22:39

So here's one that's as out of the blue to me as to anyone: Remember Chou Soujuu Mecha MG, that awesome DS game Phantom and I collaborated on a while back? Remember the partially-translated promotional manga that we released along with it? It turns out that Phantom has been quietly working through the remaining chapters, and to my surprise, delight, and amazement, recently presented me with the finished product in its entirety. "Blown away" would be a gross understatement of my feelings.

So here you are: All nine chapters of the Chou Soujuu Mecha MG manga – over 200 pages in total – are now available right here! The three previously released chapters have also received minor fixes and been updated to v2.

Please give a big hand to Phantom of the Anime Game Translations Team for single-handedly producing this amazing work! Seriously, as if translating isn't hard enough by itself, try throwing in 200 pages of grueling cleaning and typesetting on top of that. It takes skill, patience, and drive beyond what most people can dream of, so take a moment to appreciate the effort involved in this.

And one more time, thanks to the dedicated people over at Random Hoo Haas for providing the raws. Wouldn't have happened without you.

26 Aug 2021, 9:51

Sorry to keep you waiting! New release: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna for PC-Engine CD!

26 Jan 2021, 13:50

Today marks three full years since the opening of stargood.org, and in keeping with my impromptu tradition, I've moved the news from the past year to the Old News section. That actual news system I've been imagining I'll write for the last three years has yet to manifest, but I seem to have gotten along without it somehow. I'm sure it'll happen next year!

Well, at least it was a good year to be a Madou Monogatari fan, right? Or a Sailor Moon fan. Or a, uh, Bahamut Senki fan. Anyway, it was a productive year for fan translations, so thanks to everyone who managed to put up with me in order to make things happen: TheMajinZenki, cccmar, Xanathis, and Oddeye (the newly-christened LIPEMCO! crew), filler, Novyal, Pennywise, vivify93, mzlab, and anyone else I might have forgotten. And thanks to everyone out there who actually plays this stuff, because every once in a while I'm surprised and vaguely disturbed to discover we somehow have an audience. Hope we're living up to your expectations!