I'm Supper. This is a site I've made to collect my odds and ends, mostly to do with my ROM hacking and translation efforts with whatever other junk I've been working on thrown in.

Why "stargood"? Dunno, I needed a name. It was going to be "hoshiii", but that was too annoying to type.

16 Feb. 2018, 17:01

Added City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle to Other Projects.

26 Jan. 2018 (6:09 AM, after a long, long night of server configuration)

Well, here we go. I finally bought some hosting and put this damn thing on the web after sitting on it for half a year. I wanted, but that was taken (by a default CentOS page?) and this wasn't. I'm surprised there was any competition for such a stupid name, but it turns out there was a "Captain Stargood" web series a decade ago that was basically an Italian Spiderman ripoff, so maybe it's an easier syllabation to come across than I thought.

Anyway, this front page isn't much to look at right now, but everything else is pretty much in order. Surely I'll come up with a more impressive intro page and a proper news system at some point.