14 Feb 2020, 11:45

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! To celebrate with something completely unrelated, here's a release we've been looking forward to (and bugfixing) for a long time: Madou Monogatari I (Sorcery Saga I) for the Mega Drive!

Oh, but that's not all! Novyal has come through for us with another beautifully crafted manual scanslation, this time for Madou Monogatari III. Check it out!

30 Jan 2020, 4:41

New release: Madou Monogatari A (Sorcery Saga A) for the Game Gear!

To coincide, we've also updated the Madou Monogatari II patch to version 1.2 (a minor fix to a few item descriptions), and the Madou Monogatari III patch to version 1.1 (fixing a minor visual error caused by a stray character in the script, and a bug in the original game that could cause the screen to get stuck at an offset position whenever the "earthquake" effect ended). And I apparently never added the link to the Git repository for Madou III to its page, so that's been rectified.

26 Jan 2020, 16:23

Today, celebrates another year in operation. And by "celebrates", I mean "I moved all the news posts to the newly paginated Old News section".

The year in review: lots of translations, lots of stuff I never expected to happen in a million years, much less one. Multiple people came out of the blue asking to work on projects I thought were dead forever! Chou Soujuu Mecha MG got translated! The Moldorian manual got scanslated! I've somehow hacked over half the Madou Monogatari series* into English! After a year like this, I have no right to complain about anything ever again (but assuredly will anyway).

Thanks to TheMajinZenki, cccmar, Xanathis, Oddeye, Filler, Tom, Phantom, Novyal, Misty de Meo, Delta, tbpbird, and everyone else I've worked with for another year of making the improbable happen. And sorry to everyone that I kept waiting on this or that for weeks... or months... Some days are better than others. As are some months.

* If you count loosely enough. Seriously, the porting situation for this series is absolutely nuts.