I'm Supper, and this is my web site. I originally started it just to hold whatever odds and ends I needed to upload somewhere, but it's ended up turning mostly into a way to publish video game fan translation projects I work on, with the occasional hack or walkthrough of a game no one's ever heard of thrown in on a whim. It's all pretty esoteric, but if you like obscure Japanese games from before the turn of the millennium or so, you're probably in the right place!

If the name "stargood" has any particular significance, I've yet to figure it out. いい星が欲しいよ


8 May 2023, 23:57

New translation: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna: Final Edition! (A.K.A. "the PlayStation version of Yuna 3" -- no, it's not the Yuna 1 remake!) At last, the debatably grand saga of Yuna reaches its arguably epic conclusion! Don't miss it! And, uh, you might want to watch the OVAs if you haven't already...

In lesser news, I reviewed the Yuna 2 translation and found a number of rather embarrassing errors, so I've made an updated v1.1 release to fix them which can be downloaded from the Yuna 2 page. A very small v1.2 update has also been made to the Yuna 1 translation, changing only a handful of lines for consistency with Yuna 3.

26 Jan 2023, 23:14 PST

I had a bit of a late night, so forgive me if the annual news cleanout hasn't fallen precisely within the bounds of January 26th in local time. Let's pretend I live a few hundred miles to the west. In any case, news from the last year can now be found on its own page.

This also means this web site has now been around for five years. What an achievement, huh? I bet no one ever imagined I'd keep paying the bills for this long. I mean, look at this place: a bunch of PHP pages with no content management system, no dynamic content beyond a silly random page button, no JavaScript, no mobile optimizations, no social media integration...It was an anachronism five years ago, and it's even more of one now. Fortunately, that's just what I wanted, and I can only assume the five of you that actually use it feel the same.

As always, thanks to everyone who's endured my perpetual inaninity for the last year, including but not limited to TheMajinZenki, cccmar, Xanathis, and Mafoo343. I don't know how you manage to put up with me, but I'm glad you do.

Wonder if this place will make it another five years? I wouldn't bet on it. But I suppose that five years ago, I wouldn't have bet on Yumimi Mix ever getting translated either, and look where we are now. I guess sometimes life's funny that way.

I didn't work on any games this year that had a character saying "Thanks, everybody!", so I'm afraid I don't have a pithy on-point screenshot to put here. Well, perhaps the gag had run its course anyway...I'll just have to find something else that sums up how I feel on this truly unmomentous occasion. Ah, yes, how about this?