I'm Supper. This is a site I've made to collect my game translation hacks, plus the assortment of gizmos, widgets, ROM hacks, and obscure game walkthroughs I've accidentally developed.

Why "stargood"? Well, "hoshiii" was too annoying to type. That's about as much thought as I put into it.

6 Feb 2019, 23:59

Created Sailor Moon S Github repo. And re-reinstated the site intro after a brief fit.

26 Jan 2019, 10:06

Happy first birthday (anniversary?),! I've celebrated by moving the old news to the old news page and tweaking the home page slightly to give the illusion of progress. I was hoping to do a proper layout revamp and finally write an actual news system, but turns out I've somehow gotten busy. I think my clientele, being mostly imaginary, can probably live with it.

Thanks to Misty de Meo, Filler, Eien ni Hen, cccmar, TheMajinZenki, Xanathis, and everyone else I've worked with for making it a great year.