I'm Supper, and this is my web site. I originally started it just to hold whatever odds and ends I needed to upload somewhere, but it's ended up turning mostly into a way to publish video game fan translation projects I work on, with the occasional hack or walkthrough of a game no one's ever heard of thrown in on a whim. It's all pretty esoteric, but if you like obscure Japanese games from before the turn of the millennium or so, you're probably in the right place!

If the name "stargood" has any particular significance, I've yet to figure it out. いい星が欲しいよ


26 Jan 2021, 13:50

Today marks three full years since the opening of, and in keeping with my impromptu tradition, I've moved the news from the past year to the Old News section. That actual news system I've been imagining I'll write for the last three years has yet to manifest, but I seem to have gotten along without it somehow. I'm sure it'll happen next year!

Well, at least it was a good year to be a Madou Monogatari fan, right? Or a Sailor Moon fan. Or a, uh, Bahamut Senki fan. Anyway, it was a productive year for fan translations, so thanks to everyone who managed to put up with me in order to make things happen: TheMajinZenki, cccmar, Xanathis, and Oddeye (the newly-christened LIPEMCO! crew), filler, Novyal, Pennywise, vivify93, mzlab, and anyone else I might have forgotten. And thanks to everyone out there who actually plays this stuff, because every once in a while I'm surprised and vaguely disturbed to discover we somehow have an audience. Hope we're living up to your expectations!