Instruction Manual

This is a translation of the instruction manual for Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 2: Eien no Princess (Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2: The Eternal Princess). Translation by Mafoo343; web formatting by Supper. Scans from

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It has been three months since the battle with the Queen of Darkness. While life may seem to have returned to normal for Yuna, in reality, she's confronting a new problem: being harassed and bullied almost every day by Erika Kousaka, a daughter of a leading galactic conglomerate, who got sick on the final day of the Galaxy Fraulein Contest and lost to Yuna by default.

In the midst of this, the two bump into each other during a field trip to ancient ruins on the Moon and get in a fight. Then, the ruins begin to glow, and both are engulfed in the light. What could be in store for Yuna and Erika?


Game Start

● Starting a new game
Select "START" on the title screen. The story will begin.

● Continuing from a previous game
If you select "CONTINUE" on the title screen, the save screen will appear; choose a previously saved file you want to play using the D-Pad and confirm it with Button I. The game will begin from where you saved it.


● D-Pad

  • Adventure Scenes: Select commands
  • 3D Dungeons:
    • Up: Move forward
    • Down: Turn around
    • Left: Turn left
    • Right: Turn right
  • Battle Scenes: Select cards

● Button I

  • Adventure Scenes:
    • Confirm the selected command
    • Advance messages
  • Battle Scenes: Confirm card

● Button II

  • Cancel the last command entered

● Select Button

  • Title Screen: Select "START" or "CONTINUE"

● Run Button

  • Start game

* The self-playing demo can be skipped by pressing Button I or II. Be careful not to skip it by accident.

Adventure Scenes

Normal View

This game is a digital comic in which you select commands. Choose commands in the message window to progress the story.

● Look
Used to observe the state of the surroundings or look at people and things.

● Talk
Used to talk to people.

● Move
Moves to another location.

* Commands other than these will also appear. Choose commands that are appropriate for the current situation.

Main Visual
Displays pictures corresponding to the story.

Message Window
Displays messages and commands.


In this game, you can only save at designated points. At certain times in the story, a screen like the one to the left will appear; after selecting "Save," choose a file and save the game.

You can use up to four files, but you won't be able to create save files if the backup RAM is full, so please delete unneeded files before playing.

Battle Scenes

Battle View

● HP Meter
Represents the health of Yuna and her companions. If the meter empties, you lose.

● Mood Meter
If a Verbal Attack Card is used, Elner will move. Elner's position represents the state of mind of Yuna's party tactically, with Elner being close meaning that their spirit is weakened and their attack power down.

● Opponent-Side Graphic Window
The window in which the opponent appears.

● Card Area
Various cards will be dealt at random. Select a card with the D-Pad and confirm it with Button I.

● Yuna-Side Graphic Window
The window in which Yuna as well as her friends appear. In some cases, Yuna's friends may suddenly barge in.

Battle Lessons

  1. Use verbal attacks!
    If you use a verbal attack, the opponent's attack power will be halved, so it's particularly effective for drawn-out battles!
  2. Use Friend Cards quickly!
    Even if they were a major foe at first, this time, they're your reassuring companion! What's more, while her friends are fighting, Yuna is recovering health!
  3. Defense Cards are the basis for attacks!
    If you use a Defense Card, you'll be entirely protected against the opponent's attack, but that's not all! You can also counterattack them! Defense Cards are the foundation of a surefire victory against your foe!
  4. Roll the dice on Surprise Cards!
    You never know what kind of card will show up, but if things go well, something really lucky might happen! If you're at an impasse, gambling it all on a lucky shot with a Surprise Card is fun too!

Card Guide

During battles, both sides will simultaneously reveal a card to each other and fight by taking actions corresponding to the cards. The battle is won by reducing the opponent's HP (hit points) to zero. If you lose the battle, you'll be asked if you want to retry. If you retry, you'll fight the battle again, and if not, you'll be taken to the save screen.

  • Attack Card
    Depending on the character, they will use two to three kinds of attacks.
  • Verbal Attack Card
    Delivers e.g. an insult to the opponent to deal mental damage, lowering their attack power.
    * This is reflected on-screen via the "Mood Meter."
  • Heal Card
    Can heal the user's HP (health). (Not all of it, however.)
  • Defense Card
    Completely defends against the opponent's attack (Attack Card). What's more, it's possible for the user to carry out a counterattack against the foe afterward, dealing damage to them.
  • Shock Card
    Delivers an attack strong enough to break the opponent's armor, preventing them from acting.
  • Friend Card
    A card only Yuna can use; will not appear for other characters. When used, one of Yuna's friends can appear in her place and fight the opponent. While her friend is there, Yuna's health will recover little by little in the background.
  • Surprise Card
    When used, this card will become one of the following cards and carry out an action corresponding to it.
    • Super Attack
      A powerful version of an Attack Card. Can damage the opponent far beyond an ordinary attack.
    • Super Verbal Attack
      A powerful version of a Verbal Attack Card. Can damage the opponent far beyond an ordinary verbal attack.
    • Super Heal
      A powerful version of a Heal Card. Can recover health far beyond ordinary healing.
    • Exchange
      Exchanges the cards held by the user and the opponent.
    • Same
      Selects a card held by the opponent and turns all their cards into that one.
    • Skull
      A card that restricts the number of cards the opponent can hold by one. When this card is used, an "X" card will be placed in the opponent's hand.
      * At most, three of the opponent's four cards can be restricted.
    • Fail
      A completely useless card.

Final Battle Cards

These are special cards used in the final battle. Each card acts as follows.

  • Yuri Card
    Using the help of friends, deals a special attack to the opponent (Anderope), weakening their attack power.
  • Tractor Beam
    A card usable only by the opponent (Anderope). When this card is used, the foe will become paralyzed and unable to attack for a number of turns.
  • Energy Drain
    A card usable only by the opponent (Anderope). Absorbs the foe's HP and adds it to the user's own.


There are two types of mini-games which appear as events in the game.

Star Bowl

Can be played by entering the bowling alley. Take aim at the approaching monsters and press Button I to attack. This mini-game will end when the UFO reaches the front of the screen.

Space Duck

A game in which you fly a duck and avoid falling meteorites. Repeatedly alternate pressing the D-Pad and Button I with good timing, and the duck will fly onward. Move it left with Left on the D-Pad, and right with Button I.

Character Profiles

Yuna Kagurazaka

  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Three Sizes: B78 W56 H82

A totally careless, laid-back, easygoing, happy-go-lucky girl. She has a very cheerful personality, and an innate knack(?) for making friends with anyone. Chosen by El-Line, she is a Warrior of Light in the Matrix of the Queen of Light. On Earth, she is currently active as a super high school idol.

Elner of Wisdom

Yuna's partner in the Matrix of the Queen of Light. Elner has a very serious personality and watches over Yuna.

Yuri Cube

  • Height: 157 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Three Sizes: B82 W58 H85

A guardian unit installed to protect the beacon in the ancient lunar ruins. She loves Yuna, probably because she was the first human she met when she woke up. She possesses a pure heart and loves food.

Masked Fraulein Polylina (Lia)

  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Three Sizes: B80 W58 H85

Yuna's best friend, and the heroine played by Lia in a super-popular TV show. Yuna believes that Polylina really exists, but she's actually played by the ESP-possessing Lia. This time, Lia often makes appearances as Polylina.

Erika Kousaka

  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Three Sizes: B83 W59 H85

Very strong-willed and the archetypal selfish fraulein, she is a daughter of the Kousaka Conglomerate, said to be the largest such in the galaxy. She planned to participate in the finals of the Galaxy Fraulein Contest that Yuna won, but got sick the day of the contest and lost by default. She has felt a strong rivalry with Yuna ever since. She has organized her own group of followers under her direct control, the "Erika 7."

Erika 7

A team of followers assembled by Erika Kousaka in order to get revenge on Yuna. Many of them head sports clubs. Clad in special protectors, they oppose Yuna.

Fighting Spirit Mami
(Softball Club)
Mami Hoshiyama

Captain of the Softball Club at the Kousaka Girls Academy. A hot-blooded baseball girl, she torments Yuna with miracle balls shot en masse from the "Big-League Shooter" on her right hand.

Striker Rui
(Soccer Club)
Rui Maria Marcie

Captain of the Soccer Club, and star player of the "Kousaka Hi-Technos" pro soccer team operated by the Kousaka Conglomerate. She is adept at multi-angle attacks that make heavy use of aerial techniques.

High-Speed Celica
(Auto Club)
Serika Koromo

High-Speed Celica: captain of the Auto Club. While she possesses genius driving techniques, she also doesn't hesitate to use underhanded means to win. With her battle suit capable of transforming into a super kart, she challenges Yuna to combat. Allegedly, she was once in an all-female gang.

Silver Screen Miki
(Drama Club)
Miki Shiratori

Silver Screen Miki: she serves as head of the Drama Club. Her acting talent is such that even while a high school student, she has been nominated for the "Galaxy Academy Award." She's a little concerned that her eyes droop a bit.

Ako the Gale1
(Table Tennis Club)
Ako Hinokawa

A table tennis prodigy and twin of Mako, she serves as head of the Table Tennis Club. She innocently challenges Yuna with a slightly childish tone. The enthusiastic combination play unique to the twins is super powerful! Ako is the older of the sisters, and she is skilled at serve attacks.

Mako the Flash1
(Table Tennis Club)
Mako Hinokawa

A table tennis prodigy and twin of Ako (Mako has a mole on her left cheek), she serves as vice head of the Table Tennis Club. Except for the mole and the way they tie their hair, the two really are identical twins. Mako, the younger sister, has a skilled technique for quick cuts.

1 Ako and Mako's titles are reversed between the manual and the game. In the actual game, they're referred to as "Ako the Flash" and "Mako the Gale."

Icy Midori
(Figure Skating Club)
Midori Sasaki

Head of the Ice Skating Club and proud of being the strongest among the Erika 7, she also plays the role of leader of the elite guard. Her delicate yet powerful performance makes her a highly voiced favorite for the next Olympic championship. Her faith in Erika is stronger than anyone's, and she shows no mercy to her adversaries.

(Design: Michitaka Kikuchi)

Characters from the last game are here too!

Even more characters will appear on top of these!

Mai of Roppongi

Formerly one of the Thirteen Frauleins of Darkness. This time, she's started a new job as a student teacher at the school Yuna attends. It seems that when she sees Yuna, she can't help but want to tease her.

Remi of China

Formerly one of the Thirteen Frauleins of Darkness. She's presently helping out at her parents' home, "The Big Red Restaurant."

Gentle Shiori

Formerly one of the Thirteen Frauleins of Darkness. She takes pride in having slowness to surpass even Yuna.

Princess Mirage

Age, gender, origin, etc. all unknown: the utterly ruthless woman who commands the Eternal Princess. She believes herself to be absolute justice, and obliterates civilizations she has judged to be evil. Sensing the strife between Yuna and Erika, she turns to Earth and begins her invasion.

(Design: Kousuke Fushishima)


  • Planning: Red Company
  • Concept: Mika Akitaka
  • Scenario: Satoru Akahori


  • Yuna Kagurazaka: Chisa Yokoyama
  • Ryudia: Chieko Nanba
  • Mirage: Yuko Mizutani
  • Lia (Polylina): Yumi Touma
  • Erika Kousaka: Akiko Yajima
  • Mai of Roppongi: Aya Hara
  • Elner: Yuriko Yamamoto
  • Yuri: Miki Takahashi
  • Mami: Kaoru Ogino
  • Rui: Junko Iwao
  • Celica: Hiroko Takemasa
  • Miki: Chinami Nishimura
  • Ako: Junko Sakuma
  • Mako: Junko Asami
  • Midori: Michiko Neya
  • Shiori: Mariko Kouda
  • Remi: Rie Iwatsubo
  • Erina: Junko Hagimori
  • Marina: Saori Suzuki
  • Gina: Naoko Nakamura
  • Yuna's Dad: Ouji Hiroi

Yuna Original Goods Gift Campaign

Prize A: Mika Akitaka–Autographed Illustration & Signed Card…10 People

Prize B: Mika Akitaka–Autographed Tapestry…100 People

Prize C: 100 Limited Edition Yuna Telephone Cards…100 People

How to Apply

Please attach the application ticket at the bottom right to a standardized postcard, write your address, name, age, phone number, and desired gift, and send it to the address below. Winners will be notified by being sent their prize.

Forwarding Address

〒100-31 Tokyo International Post Office PO Box 5090
"Yuna Original Goods Gift Campaign" Division


Final day of August 1995